Ice hockey is becoming increasing popular. With limited venues available, the need for either seasonal or permanent new rinks is rising. Often, ice hockey-sized rinks are also used for short track skating and recreational skating. can supply temporary or permanent ice hockey rinks anywhere in the world. Whether you want to offer recreational ice hockey and other skating facilities, or whether you need a complete IIHF approved ice hockey rink, can help you. If you own an ice hockey rink that does not meet the latest regulations and standards in technology, we can upgrade the facility. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your request for customised advice and solutions.

  • Mobile or permanent ice hockey rink
  • IIHF size ice hockey rink (61×30metres/200×98 ft) or NHL size ice hockey rink (200×85ft/61×26metres), other sizes on request
  • Indoor or outdoor solutions
  • Aluminium, PE, or EPDM ice rink floor
  • IIHF certified dashboard system available with PC, steelnet, or Aluglass protection
  • Energy-efficient cooling systems designed according to your project requirements
  • Complete with ice paint and markings
  • Ice resurfacing machines for professional ice treatment and other accessories available.

Ice hockey rink tour in New Zealand

In 2011, Douglas Webber Group hosted USA and Canadian ice hockey teams in a three game tour of New Zealand for the first time. The players were recruited from various pro North American leagues including the National Hockey League (NHL) and American Hockey League (AHL), with 22 in total arriving to showcase the roughest team sports event to be seen this side of the globe. The event attracted an audience of more than 20,000 screaming fans, with not one empty seat in the house.


"I was so impressed with your complete ice hockey installation in New Zealand. The ice was some of the best ice I have ever skated on even in the National Hockey League in North America. For a portable installation I give full thumbs up, great job!"


Kyle Quincey, Detroit Red Wings defenceman

Ice hockey in Berlin

Ice hockey players of the German Berliner Eissportverbandes BEV and the ECC Preussen Junior used a temporary ice hockey rink - after the closure of the permanent rink.

Compared to other alternatives investigated, this solution turned out to be the best from both a sporting point of view and with regard to technique and price-quality ratio.

Olympic size ice hockey rink in Greece

The Hellenic Ice Sports Federation (HISF) with the support of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Sports and Olympic Properties transformed the former 6,000-seat Judo and Wrestling Hall, in Ano Liossia, into an Olympic-size ice skating rink.

The project was undertaken and completed to host the National Ice Hockey & Figure Skating Championships in 2009. "I'm truly impressed by the quality of ice," said Adam Sollitt, Project Coordinator, Research & Audit of the International Ice Hockey Federation, who attended the first game of competition.

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