Imagine skating on a 5-km-long track through nature while the outdoor temperature is 15°C/59°F. This dream of many skaters has been a reality in the Netherlands as of 2007. Since then, hundreds of thousands of people visit every year, in order to skate on the largest ice rink in the world.
30,000 square metres of ice surface including a 400-metre speed-skating rink. Are you planning a unique ice experience? If so, our ice track technology offers permanent or temporary solutions. Contact us without delay for more details on ice tracks that are sure to be the central feature of any winter wonderland.

  • Mobile or permanent ice track
  • All shapes and sizes possible
  • Indoor or outdoor solutions
  • Aluminium, PE, or EPDM ice rink floor
  • Energy-efficient cooling systems designed according to your project requirements
  • Ice resurfacing machines for professional ice treatment  and other accessories available.


At 5 km (3 miles), FlevOnice is world's longest artificial ice rink which has been produced in the Netherlands. The five meter wide track of FlevOnice has cooling elements that guarantee real ice. It operates every year during the winter months, about 100 days in the year, thus giving a lot of skating pleasure to both professional  and recreational skaters.

Enschede ice track

Another example of an ice track is to be found in Enschede, the Netherlands. Here an ice track of 168 metres long and 2 metres wide has been built around a church. The ice track is also connected to a seasonal ice rink of 375 m2.

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