Shopping centres are under increasing pressure to distinguish themselves from competitors in order to boost traffic and shop turnover. An ice rink is a great opportunity to make a shopping mall more attractive. Not only do visitor numbers rise, visitors spend on average more time and more money in the shops. A permanent ice rink offers a year-round attraction for large shopping centres, while a mobile ice rink can be installed with very little investment nearly anywhere as a seasonal attraction. takes care of the complete project. To receive more information on how we can make your shopping centre more attractive, please contact us.


  • Indoor and outdoor locations
  • Mobile or permanent skating rinks
  • All shapes and sizes possible
  • Aluminium, PE, or EPDM ice rink floor
  • Dashboard systems available in PE white, PC transparent or wood
  • Energy-efficient cooling systems designed according to your project requirements
  • Ice resurfacing machines for professional ice treatment
  • High quality rental skates and other accessories available.

Skating in Tokyo, Japan

Ice rinks in shopping centres are a resounding success in Japan. Children, families, young couples, everybody enjoys skating.Tressa Yokohama, the project developer of a shopping mall, saw great potential for an ice rink in his shopping centre, located in a square and surrounded by shops and restaurants. The ice rink indeed turns out to be a great success.

Shop and skate

Like all over the world skating is getting more and more popular, also in Turkey. Paten Group's first ice rink was built in a shopping centre in Istanbul. Their aim was to join ice skating sports with shopping and convenience in order to enlarge the profitability of the investment. The Paten Group was very satisfied about the quality of the system itself and of the professional support of the team.

Ice fun in Bahrain

This is quite something...skating in the Gulf region is now possible thanks to the technology of the aluminium ice floor. Our client Ony Productions installed an ice rink of 230 square metres in a shopping mall in Bahrein. The Bahrein people were delighted that they could visit such a cool attraction in their warm country.

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