can supply you with a professional speed-skating rink that can be set up virtually anywhere - for example in sports or exhibition halls - and, thanks to its flexibility, offers a vast range of potential applications.

  • Mobile or permanent speed-skating rink
  • Official  ISUsize (400×11 metres), other sizes on request
  • Indoor or outdoor solutions
  • Aluminium, PE, or EPDM ice rink floor
  • Professional inflatable air boarding for curves or complete speed-skating rink available
  • Energy-efficient cooling systems designed according to your project requirements
  • Complete with ice paint and markings
  • Ice resurfacing machines for professional ice treatment and other accessories available.

The coolest rink in the Netherlands

During the Winter Olympics 2014, the Netherlands won 23 out of the 27 speed skating medals. This record was the result of a long-term investment in the sport. The success was celebrated on a mobile 400 metre speed skating rink installed by us.

Over 108.000, both sportive and recreational skaters, enjoyed themselves on the speed skating rink and on the ice hockey size recreational rink in the centre.

The Royal Dutch Skating Federation (KNSB), member of the International Skating Union, was very positive about the quality of the ice floor, on which the official Dutch all-round and sprint championships also took place. The Dutch top speed skaters - medal winners during the Olympic Winter Games 2014 - praised the quality of the ice and proved it during the competition. With winning times of 0.36,36 on the 500 metre distance, the rink instantly became the third-fastest speed skating rink in the Netherlands.

•             ISU approved official size 400m speed skating rink

•             Built in five days, dismantled in five days

•             Professional competitions and recreational use

•             Private-public partnership and funding.

Junior speed skating world championship Poland

A speed-skating rink was built in Zakopane, for the speed skating world championships that were held in Poland in February 2009. Two compact refrigerating units were used for the cooling. Excellent results were obtained on the ice rink: 12 medals for the Netherlands, 7 for the USA and 3 for Russia.The International Skating Union (ISU) was very enthusiastic about the quality of this ice rink.

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